Enjoy, Endeavour, Achieve, Together

Enjoy, Endeavour, Achieve, Together

Enjoy, Endeavour, Achieve, Together

Enjoy, Endeavour, Achieve, Together

Enjoy, Endeavour, Achieve, Together


- Joy in learning is a mark of a good teacher and a well taught pupil. The book of Proverbs (8:30-31) poetically imagines wisdom playing before God at creation. Play and playfulness are part of a full life, and any education that does not communicate joy, wonder, amazement, fascination and delight has failed.


- To endeavour is to recognise that life is sometimes difficult and painful, but that it is important not to give up in the face of adversity- just as Jesus in his teachings and life showed us.


- Achieving is to believe is God’s transforming power. It is belief grounded in the promise of God and his actions through the life of Jesus.


- Working and living together in fellowship as part of a Christian community.

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January 2020.
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Dear Parents & Guardians

  • The enthusiastic buzz of learning at the start of term is set to continue as the variety of engaging learning opportunities we have planned for the children unfold. Visitors to school, trips, competitions and themed events have all been booked to enrich the children’s learning; and we look forward to seeing the children shine in each event.

    We hope that many of you will be able to join us for the events which celebrate the children’s learning and achievements this term at our class led assemblies and ‘star children’ sessions. As usual our regular Gold book assemblies will be taking place, so don’t forget to let us know about out of school achievements as well.

    The Federation of Carisbrooke CE and Newport CE is now in it’s second year, and going from strength to strength. We have a number of joint projects we are working on this year, with both schools benefitting from the sharing of expertise and talents across the staff team.

    As always we welcome feedback from parents on all aspects of the provision at Carisbrooke – so please get in touch if you have any ideas or thoughts to share.

    Katherine Marshall Executive Headteacher