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Carisbrooke CE Primary School

Enjoy, Endeavour, Achieve, Together


Class Teacher: Miss C Downer

Learning Support Assistants: Miss L Downer and Mrs Denne


Wanda and her little sister lived in Puerto Rico, and they loved to imagine flying rockets up to the stars and wonder about what might be waiting beyond them. Wanda worked hard and moved to the United States and became a top physicist. At the age of 19 Wanda began to lose her sight, at first she just had a few blind spots, but over the next 10 years, as she rose to become a brilliant and influential scientist, Wanda lost her sight completely. Wanda was able to do everything a leading scientist would do - only she did it by listening rather than looking. 


Class Teacher: Miss Tavener

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs H Goldsmith

Eleanor May Simmonds, OBE is a British former Paralympian swimmer who competed in S6 events. She came to national attention when she competed in the 2008 Summer Paralympics in Beijing, winning two gold medals, despite being the youngest member of the tram, at the age of 13.