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Carisbrooke CE Primary School

Enjoy, Endeavour, Achieve, Together


Joy in learning is a mark of a good teacher and a well taught pupil. The book of Proverbs (8:30-31) poetically imagines wisdom playing before God at creation. Play and playfulness are part of a full life, and any education that does not communicate joy, wonder, amazement, fascination and delight has failed.

ENJOY at Carisbrooke CE Primary means;

  • Showing positivity and hope in every aspect of the life and workings of our school.
  • Celebrating the uniqueness and talents of each individual.
  • Being joyful and generous in our love and treatment of others.
  • Appreciating the richness and diversity of God’s creation.
  • Inspiring and channelling each child’s, and staff’s, creativity.


To endeavour is to recognise that life is sometimes difficult and painful, but that it is important not to give up in the face of adversity- just as Jesus in his teachings and life showed us.

ENDEAVOUR at Carisbrooke CE Primary means;

  • Cultivating hope, courage and the perseverance to face the challenges of learning and life.
  • Teaching the importance of belief, faith and inner strength to persevere even in the face of adversity.
  • Building an understanding of which things have enduring value.
  • Showing patience, empathy and support for those who are vulnerable and struggle to succeed.
  • A relentless pursuit towards providing excellence for all.


Achieving is to believe is God’s transforming power. It is belief grounded in the promise of God and his actions through the life of Jesus.

ACHIEVE at Carisbrooke CE Primary means;

  • Teaching the meaning of true wisdom and the ability to know the difference between right and wrong and act accordingly.
  • Believing and inspiring each individual to use their gifts and achieve their best.
  • Recognising the mysterious and wonderful all around us and within everybody.
  • Promoting peace, harmony and well-being; ensuring each individual flourishes because they are nurtured.
  • Celebrating the achievements in learning, excellence in attitude, behaviour and positive contribution to our school and the world beyond.


Working and living together in fellowship and as a Christian community.

TOGETHER at Carisbrooke CE Primary means;

  • Working in fellowship and recognising that we are all interdependent and rely on each other.
  • Ensuring compassion is at the heart of all aspects of our work within and beyond the school.
  • Being inclusive, valuing and giving worth to all.
  • Providing support, compassion and understanding for those facing difficulties.
  • Guiding and supporting the making and maintaining of true friendship and fellowship.